Ted Lieu Calls for To Know Why Trump Continues To Bend At The Knee Of Russia


Consultant Ted Lieu (D-CA) is asking why Donald Trump bends on the knee of Russia. “In workplace, Donald Trump bent the knee in entrance of Vladimir Putin. Out of workplace, Trump continues to bend the knee earlier than Putin. Why?”

Lieu, a veteran who sits on the Home Judiciary, Overseas Affairs, and Science, Area, and Expertise Committees, wrote his remarks over a screengrab of Trump’s January feedback wherein he repeated his emotions of trusting Russia over U.S. intelligence:

“Bear in mind in Helsinki when a third fee reporter requested me, primarily, who I trusted extra, President Putin of Russia, or our ‘Intelligence’ lowlifes,” Trump wrote.

“My intuition on the time was that we had actually dangerous folks… Now add McGonigal & different slime to the checklist. Who would you select, Putin or these Misfits?”

F04hZuQWAAAWF32 Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) is asking why Donald Trump bends at the knee of Russia. "In office, Donald Trump bent the knee in front of Vladimir Putin. Out of office, Trump continues to bend the knee before Putin. Why?"

That is sadly nonetheless related, as not solely are Home Republicans making an attempt to pave a simple path for Russia to intrude within the 2024 elections, however Trump remains to be standing with Russia of their warfare of aggression towards Ukraine.

Trump referred to as for an finish to U.S. assist for Ukraine, claiming – as Russian propaganda does – that by supporting Ukraine towards Putin’s alarming expansionist hostilities, we’re pushing towards World Conflict III.

That is additionally an attention-grabbing appeasement coverage body for the present state of affairs, as a result of it inadvertently compares Putin to Hitler and recollects then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declaring “Peace for our time” after the 1938 Munich Settlement appeasement coverage allowed Nazi Germany to take elements of Czechoslovakia, as Britain and France refused to assist the Czechs resist.

We noticed what occurred when these nations gave in to expansionist Hitler for the sake of “peace,” as six months later, Hitler spit on the settlement and ordered his armies to march on into Prague. One yr later, the Guardian recollects, Britain and France have been at warfare with Germany.

In actuality, if World Conflict III occurs, there isn’t any one accountable however Putin and those that champion Putin’s aggression and unlawful invasion into Ukraine. Putin doesn’t have good intentions in his invasion, and actually, he continues to attempt to destroy western democracy. Anybody repeating Putin’s propaganda about WW III as a motive to NOT assist Ukraine will not be solely dangerously silly, but in addition comparatively supporting an expansionist like Hitler for gullible hits of hopium.

Right here’s a little bit of Trump’s “statement” by the “forty fifth President of america”– put in scare quotes as a result of he presents these as if he have been a official statesman as president, when the truth is he has repeatedly put the U.S. in danger and persistently jeopardized the protection of Individuals, whereas siding with a hostile international energy.

Be aware: The next assertion accommodates a number of deceptive feedback.

“Joe Biden shouldn’t be dragging us additional towards World Conflict III by sending cluster munitions to Ukraine—he ought to be making an attempt to END the warfare and cease the horrific loss of life and destruction being attributable to an incompetent administration.

There might be no extra vivid proof that Joe Biden’s coverage of limitless warfare in Ukraine has tremendously weakened america… Joe Biden is needlessly and dangerously main us into World Conflict III, which might be a nightmare past creativeness—obliteration!

We should cease this madness, instantly finish the bloodshed in Ukraine, and return to a give attention to America’s very important pursuits…. We should have “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH” and in a short while, the Presidential election of 2024 will produce that end result.”

As standard, Donald Trump is mendacity and deceptive.

Russia has been utilizing its personal cluster munitions towards Ukraine for over a yr. Russia invaded Ukraine, killing its folks together with pregnant girls and kids, leaving Ukraine no alternative however to defend itself or bow all the way down to Putin and quit its independence and liberty to a vicious authoritarian.

Putin’s Russia will not be precisely a bastion of freedom; it’s a tightly managed, propaganda-only setting wherein the folks don’t even know what’s really occurring. That is the setting Trump is pushing to put in within the U.S., as he oversaw democratic backsliding as president and continues to push to align with it.

President Biden doesn’t have a “coverage of limitless warfare in Ukraine.” It’s Putin’s coverage of limitless warfare. Putin and his enablers, like Donald Trump. Biden and our western allies are serving to Ukraine as a result of they perceive that Ukraine represents western democracy’s destiny.

Giving in to Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine would critically wound already flailing international democracy, which is precisely the end result Putin seeks.

In January of 2023, Russian propaganda knowledgeable Julia Davis wrote about Russians being prepped through propaganda for the fast decline in requirements of dwelling, “The Soviet grooming that’s being carried out by many Russian propagandists is supposed to situation the folks to the fast decline within the requirements of dwelling to which lots of them have develop into accustomed. The expectations are so dire, Mardan posed a startling query to his financial knowledgeable, Denis Raksha: ‘What are our probabilities? Can we even have them or not? Will we’ve got to stay like South Korea within the Fifties-Nineteen Sixties? Will we find yourself having to eat hearth ants?’”

An authoritarian wants the folks to consider he/she is holding them protected. A comparatively first rate lifestyle can be necessary, as a result of ravenous folks have much less to lose by revolting. If a good lifestyle can’t be had, the folks have to be brainwashed accountable an opponent for this state and in addition, if want be, themselves. They are going to be proven different folks prospering underneath the aggressive and harmful dictatorship of Putin.

After the Wagner group’s revolt, Putin warned the west to not attempt to make the most of their weak point, which I famous on the time was an absurd demand provided that Putin and his henchmen have been exploiting the weaknesses of the west for years as a way to undermine western democracy.

The online of lies being offered by far too many on the Proper and alleged far Left is perilous gaslighting meant to obscure an alignment with Putin over democracy.

Nobody is blissful about being pulled right into a battle with international ramifications, however historical past has taught us that this gained’t be solved by merely giving in to may over proper.

It’s actually value noting as Trump, a twice impeached and lots of occasions indicted front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, continues to bend on the knee to Russia that what he’s actually saying is ‘give in to Putin.’

Now, why would a presidential contender be pushing his ill-informed, cultish base to present in to Putin and cease supporting Ukraine within the lead-up to the 2024 election?

Trump’s coverage is definitely a coverage of weak point. His place is we must always let Putin do no matter he desires. Donald Trump is, because the Proper likes to say, a “cuck” to Putin, who helped Trump win in 2016. So it is extremely self-serving that Trump’s coverage is Russia First as an alternative of America First.


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