Newest room-temperature claims met with heaps of skepticism

Simply if you thought the hype about room-temperature superconductors was over, it’s not.

A Swiss quantum algorithm startup, Terra Quantum, and a analysis lab on the State College of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil declare that they’ve found a type of graphite that superconducts at ambient temperature and stress.

Terra Quantum isn’t a small operation. The corporate raised $60 million early in 2022 for its quantum-as-a-service platform. However that doesn’t imply you must get your hopes up.

Room-temperature superconductors, if one is ever discovered and independently confirmed, might revolutionize all the things from electrical energy transmission to computing, electrical autos, MRI machines, maglev trains and extra.

Currently, claims of room-temperature superconductivity appear to be blooming like flowers after a rainstorm. Within the final 12 months alone, three high-profile circumstances have been both debunked, retracted or critically doubted.

Think about this newest one to fall into the latter class. Researchers who Information World+ spoke with have been skeptical that this new materials is a room-temperature superconductor.

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