‘Armed’ theft fails as a result of prospects at Atlanta nail salon simply do not care employees

Saturday, July 8, 2023 1:10AM

Robbery foiled by indifference at Atlanta nail salon

ATLANTA — A would-be robber came upon crime will not be as simple as he thought.

Video released by Atlanta police reveals the person, his hand in a bag, enter a nail salon and begin shouting “all people get down! Get down. Give me all of your cash.”

The purchasers look unimpressed.

They stare at him and barely transfer or change their expressions.

One buyer finally does get up and lift her fingers. When he confronts her straight, as a substitute of handing over cash she slowly backs out the door.

Ultimately the robber realizes he is not getting wherever with this crowd. Shocked that attempting to rob folks armed solely with sheer bravado doesn’t work, he takes a second to go searching, then turns and walks out the door.

Police say he did swipe a cellphone from the lady who stood up, nevertheless it was later recovered.

The suspect stays excellent.

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