‘We are able to’t maintain placing band-aids on the present system’ — OKX

A provocative new promoting marketing campaign from cryptocurrency trade OKX challenges conventional finance and Web3 opponents by calling for a rewrite of present monetary and digital methods.

The corporate launched its newest production-quality advert, which subtly aims at the American exchange Coinbase and the broader traditional finance (TradFi) space. In an in-depth interview with Cointelegraph, OKX chief marketing officer Haider Rafique outlined the exchange’s belief that blockchain-enabled technology is imperative in rebuilding financial infrastructure and empowering digital ownership.

Under Rafique’s tenure, OKX has embarked on high-profile partnerships and bold advertising campaigns with the likes of Manchester City and the McLaren Formula1 team, exposing cryptocurrencies and Web3 offerings to massive audiences around the world.

The “Rewrite the System” marketing campaign options robust imagery highlighting inflation, information breaches and censorship as indicators of a damaged system. As Rafique defined, talks of updates to current monetary and digital infrastructure don’t resolve the long-standing points that fashioned the idea of the marketing campaign:

“The present system just isn’t actually designed to be up to date after which up to date right into a system that may actually remedy among the issues that your entire system has created.”

A number of industry-impacting occasions have performed out up to now yr, highlighting the shortcomings of current monetary methods and the failings of TradFi and decentralized finance (DeFi) gamers.

The notorious collapse of FTX and the arrest of its former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, broken the picture of the cryptocurrency area. In the meantime, TradFi establishments faced their own crises in a high-inflation economic environment, with the likes of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank all folding.

“I think there will be continuous failures in this current system because it’s being stressed. It’s being stressed from a financial ecosystem standpoint.”

Rafique believes that the current situation will serve as a means to show how blockchain-based software allows people greater control of their economic and digital sovereignty:

“Our hope is that we can give the tooling to people that Web3 starts with, ultimately downloading software on your machine or your phone that enables you to be your own bank.”

Interoperability is another core component of a compelling argument for blockchain-based, Web3 tools to reinvent financial systems and platforms. Rafique used Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store’s siloed nature and lack of compatibility as an example where blockchain-based applications or networks’ interoperability could come to the fore:

“Crypto and blockchain-based apps are actually designed to connect with each other and drive their interoperability.”

Providing a wallet service that connects public chains to streamline digital assets management is part of the exchange’s efforts to provide a Web3 experience that showcases the interoperability inherent in blockchain technology:

“We want to connect all crypto ecosystems together so you can hop from one place to another place or another place very easily, but also at very low transaction costs.”

As for its advertising efforts, Rafique is clear in his belief that entertaining audiences with fresh partnerships in diverse markets and spaces has created a certain image for the exchange.

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Cointelegraph was present for OKX’s livery takeover of McLaren’s F1 car at the 2022 Singapore grand prix and spoke to Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo, a figure who featured prominently in its advertising campaign in late 2022. Humorous TV ads featuring Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and his players, and metaverse campaigns with Jack Grealish further highlight the company’s efforts to promote Web3 to potential new users:

“You either want to articulate a problem that’s immediate in their life or go back to entertaining people, and they might just give us a chance.”

The release of the “Rewrite the System” campaign was accompanied by a new partnership announcement with the Tribeca film festival. The exchange’s Web3 focus on nonfungible tokens through its marketplace provides the backbone of augmented, mixed reality experiences at the popular New York film festival.

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