US police seek return of $30,000 dropped on road

A map showing the location of Grand Haven, Michigan in the US

Police have asked for the return of $30,000 (£23,000) that fell off the back of a truck in Michigan.

Officers responding to a traffic problem on Thursday came across drivers scrambling to pick up dollar bills strewn across Route 31.

The owner told police he had accidentally left a box carrying the cash on the bumper of his truck.

As of Saturday about $7,000 had been handed in, prompting a grateful message from officers on Facebook.

"Thank you and way to go! We commend you for your honesty!" Grand Haven Department of Public Safety wrote. "The owner of the money will be grateful."

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Two 17-year-olds handed in $630 to the authorities, while one woman gave up almost $4,000.

Officers only managed to recover $2,470 from the scene on Thursday after they closed sections of the road to help collect the cash.

"Anyone that picked up money is asked to turn it in at the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety," an appeal said.

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