Trump Delivers Crazed F-Bomb Dropping Speech That Proves He is Unfit

Trump promised to finish all droughts and forest fires and dropped an f-bomb in a speech that was as unhinged because it was determined.

Trump mentioned:

All of the at the moment dry canals might be brimming and used to irrigate every thing, together with your individual houses and loos and every thing. You’re going to be joyful and I’m going to get it finished quick. They are saying that there’s a lot water up north. That I need to have the overflow areas . Go into your forests and dampen your forest. As a result of should you dampen your forest, you’re not going to have these hearth forest fires which might be burning at ranges that no one’s ever seen earlier than.

Very poor land administration and bear in mind after I mentioned that a few years in the past as president mentioned males had been sending billions of {dollars} to California for forest fires, their forests are burning down. And I used to be with a gentleman of very high particular person in Austria. He mentioned, sir, We’ve extra flammable timber than you do in your coast. We don’t have forest fires. We’ve realized to handle it. They deal with the land. They decide up the useless timber. You already know, a tree doesn’t burn very simply except it’s useless, that it will get dry, and it burns the leaves on the bottom there. 


Trump was additionally dropping f-bombs as a result of that appears so presidential:

Anybody within the media who watched this speech and nonetheless believed it was advantageous to deal with Trump like a typical presidential candidate is a part of the issue.

When Trump wasn’t promising to carry out macceptableles, he was utilizing language that was unpresidential and inappropriate for somebody who’s working for workplace.

Donald Trump has no platform, so he couldn’t go to California and clarify what he would do if he put again into the White Home.

Because the former president used up all of his undelivered guarantees in 2016 and 2020, he has to maintain upping the stakes to the purpose the place he has gone from absurd to delusional.

Trump’s act just isn’t solely stale. It’s determined, and voters in California aren’t shopping for the snake oil that Trump was promoting.

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