The Idol Make-up Artist Reveals the Euphoria Easter Eggs

“Once we meet Jocelyn, Euphoria and that world of make-up have already been occurring,” Kirsten defined. “She’s doing what’s present and what’s anticipated of her, so there’s undoubtedly ties in there.”

Placing it extra succinctly, she added, “It is artwork emulating life.”

The way in which Jocelyn is face-painting is reflective of the traits at the moment taking TikTok and Instagram by storm. 

“It is this cycle that is happening,” Kirsten stated. “And that is what impressed me with Euphoria. We have been trying on Instagram and at the moment, it was extra about artwork and fewer about magnificence—folks portray their faces and doing optical illusions. It’s a part of our tradition now, so that’s precisely why you’d see it on TV and movie.”

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