Notre-Dame: Assassin's Creed Unity giveaway praised

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Gamers have been getting nostalgic for Assassin's Creed Unity after it was given away for free.

Set in the French revolution the game features an accurate recreation of Notre Dame cathedral.

Ubisoft offered the game up as a free download after the church was damaged by a huge fire.

The 2014 title got "mixed" reviews in the past but fans seem to be loving it and have been leaving "very positive" reports.

The French developer donated £500,000 to help with restoration efforts.

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Media captionHow gamers are getting "inside" Notre-Dame

Hundreds of positive reviews have been left over the past four days – to put that in context normally the game receives around 10 reviews a day.

One user said that it was "one of the most beautiful games ever" and another said it was great that they had an "opportunity to appreciate what Notre Dame used to be".

Fans have also taken to social media to share their experience of the old game.

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Twitter post by @IrishtheViking: Notre Dame, Paris. Assassin's creed Unity. Instagram  virtual_irish Image Copyright @IrishtheViking @IrishtheViking Report

The game features Notre Dame as a centre piece to the city and fans have been enjoying seeing the famous site as it was before the fire.

Image Copyright @N00BMangrul @N00BMangrul Report
Twitter post by @N00BMangrul: I just got Assassin’s Creed Unity for free on Uplay. Thank you @Ubisoft for providing access to Norte Dame for everyone Image Copyright @N00BMangrul @N00BMangrul Report

Some people had been speculating that the game may be used to rebuild the building.

Image Copyright @DarkestArgentum @DarkestArgentum Report
Twitter post by @DarkestArgentum: Is it true your render of Notre Dame might be used to help in the restoration?Image Copyright @DarkestArgentum @DarkestArgentum Report

But the developers have rejected this idea.

Image Copyright @Ubisoft @Ubisoft Report
Twitter post by @Ubisoft: We are not currently involved in the reconstruction, but we'd of course be more than happy to lend our expertise in any way we can! ❤️Image Copyright @Ubisoft @Ubisoft Report

The game's not suddenly become a classic, and many reviewers will stick by what they wrote when it was released.

However, there has been a generally positive reception to the move.

The giveaway lasts until midnight April 25.

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